Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I just realized I wrote a full post without talking about chocolate.  And on Valentine's day.  What's wrong with me?  Don't worry - despite all my veggie and salad eating, I still eat my weight in chocolate.  Well not really.  But I eat a lot.  But I eat it slowly and savor it.  Especially dark chocolate.  The darker the better.  Mmmmm.

Joe and I don't celebrate Valentine's day.  I'm a big believer of showing your love all year long instead of on a commercialized, inflated, over-priced holiday one time a year. 

However, I will admit that a small part of me keeps wishing for chocolates.  For whatever reason I have it in my mind lately that I really want to branch out my chocolate tastes and get more exotic.  The ones with spices in them - cinnamon would be a first choice, but I'm open to all of them.  And chocolates from around the world.

So help me out - any recs on places to get some cool chocolate?  Any suggestions on what to try?

And my little tip on eating chocolate.  Eat chocolate.  Enjoy it.  But eat small pieces and savor it slowly.

I've been watching this new show lately "Drop 5" by Good Housekeeping.  They said to visualize a serving of chocolate of one ounce as four dice stacked up - two stacks of two.  That's 150 calories.  Have half the amount and save yourself 75 calories per serving.  I like that myself. 


Happy Valentine's Day!

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