Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What a long hiatus...

Wow, I'm not doing so great at this consistent blogging thing at all.  Unfit in another way?  I'm really bummed about it too.  I've really been missing my outlet for stress.  The whole mentally fit thing hasn't been going all that well for me lately.  Too much stress all around I guess.

Baby G...well who's kidding, she's not really a baby anymore...still doesn't sleep well.  So I find myself always tired.

Work has been crazy lately.  Trying my hardest to get the promotion I know I deserve - I just have to convince everyone else I deserve it.  So I've been putting in lots of hours, doing lots of presentations to VPs around my company.  That's rather taxing.

The good part of being busy though is it helps keep me from snacking.  The downside - I don't drink enough water.  I would say as a whole I've been eating much healthier.  If I could get the portion control down, I think I'd be doing much better - but if I'm eating too much of anything I guess it's the good, healthy stuff that I should eat too much of right?

Some of my recent addictions are roasted vegetables (cauliflower is so awesome roasted - asparagus too!) and Cobb salad or well any salad for that matter.  How I made it to this point in my life without discovering how easy and yummy it is to roast my own veggies I'll never know.  But I know now.  So quick so easy, so healthy.  And salads.  Oh how I've been craving salads lately.  I guess that must mean I'm doing something right right?  Maybe I'm slightly more fit that I was before?

I started running again too.  Albeit not consistently.  But I'm trying.  Really.  I have a friend at work I run with when I can.  She's a much better runner than me though - like I struggle through a mile stopping to walk and then we'll finish up and she'll go off to run another 2 or 3 miles.  Kill me.  I want to be able to run a full mile without stopping, let alone more than one.  Oye vey.  I still really far back somewhere have a dream of running a 5K one day.  We'll see.  Maybe when my routine is a little more consistent.

How is this unfit mommy blogging tonight do you ask?  That crazy work thing has me half across the state from my family - my first time away from them in I don't even know how long.  Well, I've never been away from G for the night.  Last time Joe was away was I think several years ago when he went on a trip to Vegas with a friend.  So it's really weird for me.  But also kind of exciting.  The biggest bummer is the lack of a tub in my room.  But has an awesome shower.  So I've taken two showers tonight already.  Yeah, it's that cool.  Other than that I've caught up on a lot of TV I've been behind on.  So maybe our DVR at home can get down below 50% capacity for the first time in weeks.  I'm doing my DVR a favor.  Yeah...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Until next time!

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