Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Way to go M! A quick shout out

I wanted to send a quick shout out to my friend and fellow blogger M over at Dodging Acorns. I can relate to so many things going on in her life and recently she's really stepped up and taken initiative to be a healthier, happier person and mom.  Her recent posts are full of energy, tips, and great advice.  It's always great to see another person take steps to leading a healthier life.  I always enjoy reading her blog posts, so if you have a moment, head over there and congratulate her on her healthy decisions lately!  I mean seriously...she even put down chocolate at the store and decided to go home and eat a healthy meal instead.  Not sure I could put down the chocolate...but I can relate to the decision to eat healthier food.

So to you, my friend M - You rock! I'm so proud of you!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Finding more time for "me"

One of the key things I still really struggle with is finding "me" time.  There's work, then come home and there's chores, watching G, being a good wife, making sure Joe has time for himself - I always seem to put myself last.  I've gotten better of at least thinking of things I want to do for myself, but I still fail miserable at actually asking for help or time so I can actually do what I want.

I think a lot of it stems from my problems asking for help.  I was raised to be self sufficient and asking for help could be a weakness.  I also put the needs of everyone else ahead of mine - see, in my mind asking them to watch G so I can do something is imposing on them, so it's always a huge conflict.

That's one of the biggest barriers towards me finding the time to exercise and do a lot of the things that would help me be healthier.  I'd love to run more, but how can I find the time?  When I'm not so crazy at work I run there because it helps me get rid of that conflict - but I don't always have the time - especially lately.  But then there's the stuff I cannot do at work - more mental relaxation - get a pedicure, go to the spa, go shopping, just have down time - read a book.  Or - oh my goodness - all the crafts and art I used to do - crocheting, writing, drawing.  I miss all that.  I think about it a lot, but just have so much trouble asking for the help so I can have me time. 

But I'm working on it.  This week I asked my neighbor to watch G on Monday so I could go for a run.  I took the dog - dual purpose - he got exercise, I got exercise.  It worked well.  I also asked my fantastic daycare provider if G could stay a little late on Friday so I can go out with some coworkers to celebrate a team mate's successful passing of his financial licensing exam.  Old Amber would have just said, well Joe already asked about going out, so I'll just pick up G and not go out...but I took the time to ask for me.

For those of your around me who might happen to read this - if I ask you for help - even the smallest things - you don't even realize how big of a thing that is for me.  It's big.  To you it may seem like the most trivial thing ever that I'm asking for help with - but it takes a lot for me to ask - I promise.

Any tips/suggestions for things you do to find "me" time?


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time to plan the garden

It's getting to be that time of year.  I grow a garden each year - not only because I love it and it makes me happy, but because I like knowing where my food came from, I enjoy the freshness of it, it's a good lesson for G, but because I can also save some money growing fresh produce verses buying it.  So many reasons.

I'm really struggling this year with what I want to grow though.  I have four 4X8 beds.  One is pretty much full of strawberries.  The others are fair game.  Historically I've done okra, summer squash, zucchini, green beans, pumpkins, chard, attempted peppers & lettuce, and then usually random other things I slip in when I get seeds or ideas from others. 

I usually do a full bed of green beans, but I'm leaning towards just a half bed this year to free up room.  I'm also thinking of trying the Haricot Vert variety since I really like them - but I have to find seeds.  I keep pondering broccoli since G eats so much of it, but it has a short growing season so I don't know.  Will do some squash and zucchini again I think.  Probably some okra.  I'm thinking of also trying some chard and kale this year.  Wondering about a good type of lettuce too. 

I keep pondering doing some herbs also in a box near the house.

What are you planning to put in your garden this year?  Give me some ideas!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vacation - doesn't have to kill your healthy eating

We just got back from a vacation last week and I'm happy to report that I was a good girl and came back from vacation without gaining any weight.  Pretty impressive considering we were at Disney & Vero Beach and ate out for every meal for a full week. 

How'd I do it? 

Glad you asked. Let me tell you what worked for me.

Part of my driver for eating healthy is G.  I like to set a healthy example for her, but I'm also trying to be more healthy so I'm doing it for me too.  So each time we ate, I had to keep her in mind.  If she sees me eating healthy things, she'll want to eat them.  Conversely - unhealthy things, well you get the idea.

I always tried to eat meals that had as many vegetables as possible.  Salads, side dishes, etc.  Avoiding fried foods whenever possible.  Fruit was always a good thing.  Beverage wise I also don't drink soda.  When I don't want water, I drink iced tea or coffee - not juice or other high calorie beverages.  I also kept portion control in mind - ordering the smaller portions when possible or the smallest options for steaks and beef.  And you don't need to finish your meal - just eat enough to satisfy you.

The other good thing about being away was that we didn't have food around to snack and we were doing a lot of extra walking and swimming than we normally do at home because of work or other obligations. 

So that's what worked for me.

The only negative thing I could say was others around me didn't eat quite so healthy which lead to G eating more french fries than I would care for.  Luckily she also ate her fair share of cauliflower, broccoli, strawberries, yogurt, and whole wheat grains - so I guess its better than nothing.

Part of me keeps thinking if i cooked on vacation I could have better control of eating and such - but seriously? That's the best part of vacation for me - not worrying about what to make for dinner, not stressing about cooking, etc.  So that could work for you also if you have the place to do it and don't mind.  Me? I'll stick to my portion control and healthy eating thank you!


Back in action...

After another blogging hiatus, I've really been thinking that I need to start blogging again.  Lots of good ideas.  Be prepared, be scared.  Lots of ideas. :)  Now I just have to find more time to blog. :)

See you very soon!