Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sick mommy :(

Lucky for me with some healthy habits I've picked up on my quest to become more fit, I tend to not get very sick a lot.  Sore throats - I used to get plenty of those.  Since I've been eating healthier and working out when I can, I've actually not gotten sick.  Until now. :(

I caught G's cold.  Surprisingly G is also a really healthy kiddo.  She eats her veggies and is really active too.  She's only gotten one other cold this year in early winter despite the stomach bug, strep throat, pneumonia, and other random colds going around at daycare and in the family.  I'm sure it helps that she's also obsessed with washing her hands just like Daddy.

Washing hands hasn't kept Daddy from getting sick though.  Recently he's had illness after illness.  He just got over a sinus infection, before that a cold, before that a minor stomach bug, etc.  Hmmmm.  Proof healthy living keeps you healthy?  Maybe not 100% but the fact that we managed not to catch it from him is really impressive.

Unfortunately now that I am sick, it kind of sucks.  Cough, super runny nose, achy body, dry/scratchy throat.  I'm wondering if I might have an ear infection too - I get occasionally pains in my ear.  Nothing constant though.  Blah.

I'm also kind of anti-medicine.  I try not to take any if I don't have to.  My theory has been that as a population we are over medicated.  So I convince myself that if I only take meds when I really need them they'll have a better chance of working.  Well, this cold was enough for me to take meds and give G some meds too.  I picked up a homeopathic cold medicine - Hyland's Cold & Cough.  It's mostly honey, but it's at least something.  And I'm taking an extremely low dose.  It seems to help somewhat.  Seems to really help G.  This is only the second time she's had to take medicine - the only other time was for an eye infection.

I tend to eat weird things when I'm sick - I get weird cravings.  This time around I'm craving carbs - which is odd because I'm not a big bread eater.  But today alone I probably had 6 or 7 servings mostly all whole grain wheat - got to at least eat it the healthier way. :)  Also dairy. I like dairy, but I probably don't eat enough of it normally - I hit it in spurts.  I get plenty of calcium from other sources based on the white calcium spots in my finger nails and my blood work.  Today I had a cup of chocolate milk for the first time in a while.  It just sounded fantastic.  Guess I needed the extra calcium and energy to fight this off.

Typically when I'm sick I crave salty foods and green beans.  I guess getting some of the crap I was eating previously out of my system I've improved my sick cravings  Kind of like a cleanse of sorts I guess.

So, I'm off to do some R&R.  Drink plenty of fluids.  Hopefully kick this bug before going away in a little over a week.

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