Monday, April 9, 2012

Live a Little

So as part of my mental health fitness, I have been trying to read more.  I just finished up, "Live a Little" by Ali Domar.  Now, I've seen Ali speak two times in public and she's just fantastic.  A big proponent for Women's healthy and happiness. 

After seeing her speak the second time, I finally ordered her books - this one came first, so this was the first one I read.  And it's fantastic.

Basically the whole premise of the book is to not stress out about trying to be perfectly fit and healthy.  Imagine fitness and health as a U shaped the upper left hand side is the most unhealthy or unfit and at the upper right hand side is those super fit and healthy people we all (secretly hate) strive to be.  The authors suggest you try to be in the middles of the U - aka, be somewhat healthy and not stress out about being healthy.  I like it.

My other favorite parts of the book are where they take the time to research some of the "better known" healthy advice we get to see where the studies come from.  For example, the 5-7 servings of fruit and vegetables per day - NEVER scientifically proven that makes you more healthy.  What they found was people who state they eat more produce tend to be healthier, but the number wasn't scientifically measured. 

My other favorite was the getting 8 hours a night of sleep.  Again, the tests they use to come up with this recommendation...not really good enough to base that recommendation on.  Also, the fitness chapter had two sides since the authors disagreed, but it was still really interesting.  Made me realize I might be fitter than I think. 

Pretty interesting.  It's quite a good read...If you have any health tips you stress out about, it's really good because it kind of gives you the real science behind it and gives you a reason to not stress.  It was a quick read, so I'd highly recommend it.

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