Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another little thing...Summer

Summer is winding down.  I'm trying to breath in every little, last breath of it I can to store up until next year.  Enjoying the sun on my skin, the beautiful smell in the air, the nice weather....so much about summer is magical.  I really love it.

I'm taking the time to notice all the beautiful flowers on my walks and runs.  Mother nature at her finest.

Some other little things about Summer that are just wonderful:
- Fresh watermelon
- Sweet corn on the cob, fresh picked
- Strawberries from the garden
- Okra
- Did you notice my top ones were all fruit and veggies? Go me!
- Flowers
- Lightening bugs
- Beautiful starry nights
- Cool summer nights where you can open the windows

What are your favorite things about summer?

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