Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Prepping for my first virtual race AKA my first 10k

So I am irrationally nervous about my Barking Mad About Breast Cancer 10K race.  I'm actually planning to run it tomorrow 8/15 instead of 8/16 due to the weather and mostly due to my schedule.  I have some time blocked on my calendar tomorrow and I'm hoping to get to work early.

I'm planning to run the first five miles.  After that, well, we will see.  Five miles is my personal distance record. 10K = 6.2 miles so that's a hefty increase. If I have to walk part of it, I'm okay with that.  Just as long as my total is at least 6.2 miles since it's a great cause.

I'm not really quite sure how to prep the day before a race.  I always think I need to eat a bunch to prep, but I'm not really sure exactly what - protein? carbs?  So I end up doing random stuff.  Tonight I'm trying to do extra protein.  I'm in desperate need to go grocery shopping, but I'm planning to do a protein smoothie in the morning (strawberries, kale, peanut butter, milk?) and hope for the best.

What do you do the prepare for a big race or workout?  The night before? Morning of?  Give me some tips!

I'm also thinking I might bring a small water bottle with me on this one.  I have never run with water though and I tend to forget the small stuff in the morning so we'll see.  I really wish someone was running this with me, but it's just me.  You'll hold me accountable right?  I can't wait to get my first medal (bling) though.  That will be awesome I think.

Since I need some inspiration, here's a couple to share.

My plan for tomorrow:

Good one since this is a race for a good cause:
Love this one. Great for everyone:
That's enough for now I think.

Think of me in the morning.  Send me some love.  I'll try to post an update tomorrow...even if it's a quick I did it...or I failed miserably.  I kid, I kid.  Even if I don't do it, at least I will have tried and I'll do it in two runs instead of one.


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