Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cross training

I've been thinking more and more since I injured my leg that I probably should start doing some strength training to increase my core strength.

So, I checked a couple items off my to do list today and decided to go a Boot Camp class at the gym.  So lets see....go to a new class I've never been to, get in some strength training, meet (or not really meet since it was a tough, small class) some new people, and mainly just do something that intimidated me.  I almost bailed on it a couple times and kept trying to make excuses...but I ultimately won that mental battle and went.

And I'm glad I did.

I felt great during the class and held up really well.  I did awesome during the cardio sections.  The weight parts were very unfamilar, but I made it through.  I asked for the instructors help to pick weights and towards the end I actually ended up grabbing heavier ones because I felt like I could do more.

I felt great after the class.  Now that I'm home, I can really feel in a lot of my muscles that I got a good work out.  Hopefully I'm not too sore tomorrow!

So when I remove some of the other parts of my day that all things told are a very small portion, today was a pretty good day.

This is a good one to summarize how I'm feeling:
And one to summarize where I'm trying to go:

And one last good one I just stumbled across and really like:


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