Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sole & Soul Searching

More blog silence.  I've been a bit busy, working through some things.  I've also taken a few weeks off of running after hurting my leg in my last race.

Soul Searching
I've done a lot of introspection, and I made a huge decision that will enable me to take the next step.  I'd like to think of it as turning a page in my book of life...starting a new chapter.  That's all I'll really say about it.

But it's got me thinking a lot about stuff.  What is it that makes me happy?  Makes my heart sing?  There are so many things I've thought of doing over the years and haven't for one reason or another, and I'm over that.  I'm ready to start trying new things again, tackling new challenges.

What makes me happy? Running, nature, writing, blogging, being with friends, dancing, watching sci fi, healthy eating, healthy living, being with my daughter, spending time with friends and family...Those are just a few things.  I know there are probably more things out there...and I want to find them again.  I can be happier...and I'm going to do what I can to get there.

I owe it to my daughter to be happy.  Show her that her momma can be strong and happy and set a good example for her for the future.  I'll get there, but it will take some time.  And I'm ready for it...or at least I hope so.

Sole Searching
After taking a few weeks off of running and having lots of mental battles with myself, I finally went for my first "real" run today.  And it felt great.  First I took the dog for a run...finished up just over .75 miles in just over 12 minutes.  Not bad considering all the potty breaks and stops.  Then I went back out.  1.02 miles without stopping.  Not my best time ever, but it felt good and was probably the second best mile I have run - topped only by the first time I ran a mile without stopping.

So, hopefully I'm back.  I think I'm going to take it a little slower this time, really enjoy the runs.  Focus less on the pace and more on the time.  Someone asked me today what I was running from and I quickly replied...it's not what I'm running from, but what I'm running to.  What am I running to?  Happiness. 

So hopefully here's to happy start for me.  Anyone have any tips or tricks?  Any suggestions for things to try?  I'd love to take a class to learn something new perhaps...but I might need some time to figure out more.  I'm a little nervous and will take any of the well wishes or advice I can get.


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