Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reader reach out...

I recently saw a post by Kandi over at Enough of the Fluff where she put a call out to her readers to get a feel for who was reading her blog.  I'm kind of curious myself.  I have 7 followers according to blogger, but I like to think more of you have me in a reader and aren't actually "following" my blog, so there are more of you...many more of you.  Yes? Right?

Similar to Kandi's blog, it appears that the number of readers here is continuing to increase based on my blog stats... I feel blessed that some of you like to read my story and posts and keep up to date with all things Amber.  And hell, the thought that I may actually inspire or help somebody else in some way inspires me more.  Please feel free to share, recommend to others, or ask me about exchanging links if you have a health/fitness/weight loss related blog.
I rarely get comments so I have no idea who is reading my blog besides M & P who comment on my blog occasionally.  Waves "hi" to you two!  To the rest of you, please send me a little note in the comments and let me know who you are, what your blog link is (so I can follow you if I'm not already), and if there's anything you want to know about me that I can answer or any topics you want me to post about. Please just let me know I'm not talking to myself!

And while your at it showing some blog love, go over and give my girl Kandi at Enough of the Fluff some love.  She's been doing a lot of great posts lately detailing her struggles with her weight. She's quite the inspiration to me at any rate!


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  1. I will follow you! I will also add your blog to my links. Thank you for the shout out!