Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I am thankful for....getting home in bad weather

As if Sandy was not enough, New England is now getting hit with a nor'easter. I had heard it would be not worry. But alas by 1 PM today it was snowing...and continued to do so (still is now at 10 PM by the way). So I headed out of work a little early hoping to avoid rush hour traffic with bad weather. The roads were awful! Slippery, icy, not treated.but I kept my head, drove slowly, prepared for hills and turns far in advance, and did everything I could to be safe.

And I made it to daycare fine to pick up my little. And then I made it safely home.  So what if it took twice as long as normal - I am just thankful to be home.

At which point my little wanted to play in the I quickly proposed bringing some inside in a big bowl so she could play inside, away from the elements. She loved it. I loved watching her. :)

How do you make the most of bad weather?


PS - my thoughts are with the Sandy victims who are still without power and are facing the elements. It has been wonderful to see people helping their neighbors, and I hope everyone found someone who could help them stay safe and warm during the storm.

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