Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm thankful for...Chocolate

How could I not include chocolate early on in my thankfulness posts?

I love chocolate.  Good chocolate, okay chocolate...I can't even say bad chocolate because I don't know if that exists in my mind.

Slowly savoring it.  It takes away so many stresses from a bad day.  It's like it can heal so many wounds.  Dark chocolate is my favorite - the darker the better.  Recently I've been trying to be more interested in other, newer chocolates.

My running mentor gave me some fantastic chocolate this week that brightened my day during an especially tough moment.  Straight from Switzerland, some very yummy chocolate.  It's dark chocolate, but has that smooth texture and flavor like milk chocolate.  Super yummy.  The whole label is in another language with lots of recipes posted and I'm curious what they are for...but it just adds to the mystique!


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