Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm thankful for...Cuddles with my little!

Toddler cuddles are like the best thing in the world.  They run around so much all day long and spend some much time saying, "Mommy, no - I do it" that when they take a moment out of their busy day to wrap their arms around you and cuddle, you have to appreciate it - soak it in.

Lucky for me, my little likes to cuddle.  I'll thank Lambie on Doc McStuffins I guess because she'll come up to me and just say, "Cuddle, cuddle" or "Mommy, you need a cuddle." And lucky me gets a cuddle
Just last night she was giving me sweet Eskimo kisses by rubbing her nose against mine.

Or, occasionally now a days I'm lucky enough that my little will join me in bed in the middle of the night.  I'm okay with it because let's face it, she won't want to sleep next to me for much longer.  Anyway, when she does decide to co-sleep with me, I get woken up in the morning with a HUGE toddler smile and giggles. And the cuddles.  Such sweet cuddles.

Is there anything better than cuddles with a little?  It's all subjective I guess, but I'm extremely thankful for all the opportunities I get to cuddle with my baby!


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