Friday, August 19, 2011

And walking, and walking...

I thought my last post might inspire a few comments...but alas no.  I have one follower - Hi R!  Hopefully you're reading my posts when I post...for the rest of you "lurkers"...follow me already.  Make me feel good.

Anyway.  So I was a good little trying to be fit mommy and remembered my pedometer today.  Guess who got to 10K steps again?  This girl!!!  Yay!  I ran again at lunch.  I really pushed myself in the beginning and got more distance in.  But it was hot and humid, so I took the rest of the run really easy and did a lot more walking.  Finished up my running area and was only at around 5,500 steps, so I took the long loop again and walked more. 

It's so funny - I still find myself trying to find excuses not to run or to just walk, but I think this blog and having bad days thinking about myself really keep me going.  I really hope the more I do this, the more of a habit it becomes vs. feeling like work...still don't have a plan for cooler weather and rain for getting in the 10K steps...I guess I could walk around all the floors of the building and explore...

Did well eating today despite my high stress level and anxiety and the little G being a cranky face tonight and this morning.  Lots of veggies.  I really need to get to the farmer's market tomorrow though - running very low on produce in the house and need more selection.  Plus I'm way overdue for a grocery shopping trip.  It's sure easier to eat healthy and plan meals in advance when you have a lot more on hand.

Still finding that I'm really thirsty.  Now that I'm getting in more exercise, I'm drinking a lot more - way more than 64 ounces.  But I feel better and my skin is starting to not look so my like a teenager's.

Until next time,


  1. Sorry, I'm a total lurker ;p I sometimes think about posting comments, but when I post things I usually end up spending an hour nitpicking every word I type until I decide everything is perfect (stupid OCD). Now when I think about posting, I think about the hour it'll take me and decide to just pass.

    Anyway... Huge congrats for hitting your walking goals and just for putting in the effort to live a healthier life! It's been about a year since I started working out and eating better and the change between then and now is insane. I am so much healthier, mentally as well as physically, and it always excites me to hear of someone else starting on that road!

    I'll try to comment a bit more, but you may end up with a bunch of unintelligible garbage since I may just have to type whatever happens to be floating through my brain at the moment and skip the proofreading just to make sure I actually get around to commenting ;p

    tl;dr: You rock! Keep up the good work! I'll try to turn off the OCD long enough to comment every once in awhile.

    (Just in case you're curious, it seriously took me 42 minutes to decide this was good enough to post ;p Stupid OCD)

  2. YOU GO GIRL! (sorry, not much time this past week or so for blog reading).

    I just bought running tights (can't run but I can walk!), a new sports bra and a shirt today at Target. Next up - new sneaks.

    Let's do this!