Sunday, August 7, 2011

Check up time!

So, on my quest to be a good little fit mommy, I'm following the advice you see as part of any diet or fitness plan - I'm consulting my doctor.  I'm a little bit bad because I kind of started last week before consulting a doctor, but at least it's early in the game.

So bright and early tomorrow at 8 am I'm going to the doctor's office - well, the Wellness Clinic at my work.  They are a lot easier to get into than my primary care doctor's office for a well visit.  So, I've been fasting since 8 PM so I can get blood work as part of my check up to see how healthy...or unhealthy I really am.  I'll still probably go to my primary care doctor for a visit after I get my blood work results and can get an appointment...likely 4-6 months from now...(If I'm sick, I get in same day...want to prevent sickness...4-6 months...Interesting.)

It's ironic, before I got pregnant and during my pregnancy, so many doctor's appointments and check ups.  Since then...really nothing.  So it will be interesting to see the cholesterol levels, blood pressure, etc.  Last time I had all those checked they were good, so hopefully they still are and my health level is at least good.

I'm planning to also ask some questions and advice for my diet and fitness plans (the whole consulting part...).  Last time I started running (Back in June), I got injured really early on and I want to avoid that this time.  I also want to see what (if anything) I can do as a postpartum mom to try and get rid of this 'pooch' as I've heard some fellow moms call it.

Finally, figure I might as well get a skin check while I'm there. As a fair skinned person who has had sunburns as a child, I want to get a good skin exam going so I can stay on top of that.  I worry I'll miss something you know?  Freckles definitely make skin exams hard and challenging!

So, wish me luck!

And if you are planning to start your own fitness plan, I highly recommend you do the same thing - Go for a wellness visit and talk to your doctor about your plans.

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