Monday, August 15, 2011

Time to step it up

So thanks to a new reader/old friend, I realized it's time for me to step it up again.  I've been focusing way too much lately on eating rather than physical fitness which was more my original intent.

So I'm back...

The stress I've been under lately and the busy work life due to the markets has kept me from the physical side of things...which ironically has added more stress.  So I need to find a way to get back into it more.

So I wanted to do a post about walking today.  Taking a few more steps a day can quickly help you change your habits.

Have you ever heard the ol' 10,000 steps a day thing?  Yeah, I like that idea.  I always figured I was making it easy...I mean, I take the stairs (I work on the 4th floor of a building), park in the back of the lot, etc.  But when I actually strapped on a pedometer, I was sorely mistaken.

Let me back up a minute though.

Where did the 10,000 step marker come from?  I've seen different tales to this and it seems no one really knows for sure why that number was picked other than it's easy to remember.  For the average person, this would equate to about five miles a day apparently (learned that by googling...this seemed like a helpful site:

I know I'm not the only one to find that reaching 10K steps isn't as easy as you'd think.  I read a "Parenting" article from an old edition about a doctor who decided to put a pedometer on his son to see how many steps his son was taking.  It just so happened when they did this, they were at Disney World.  The first day - 30,000 steps.  Second day - 23,000 steps.  Then they got home.  First day back to school - should get plenty of exercise right?? Wrong - 2,300 steps.  He quickly realized his son had a very short recess due to the time lining up, etc. and then spent most of his time sitting in a desk.  How scary!

So back to me...

So I got a pedometer for Mother's Day.  Well actually, it was an iPod, but I use the pedometer tool most.  I decided being the positive, competitive person I am, I'd set my daily goal for 11,000 steps a day.  Ha ha.  Easy right?  Nope.

The closest I've ever come is 9,200.  And that wasn't one of the days I ran...nope.  It was a random Saturday that I spent chasing G around the house.  Average work day, if I hit 5,000 steps I'm lucky.  When I run, close to 7,500.  Yep, I feel pretty pathetic.

I do a lot of stuff to increase my step count too...small stuff that should add up.  Apparently I need to step it up though.  For beginners or those up for the challenge, here's a few ideas:
1) Park in the back of the garage/parking lot etc. so you have to walk farther to get where you are going
2) Take the stairs - might be slow at first, but it will get easier, I promise.  I'm living proof.
3) Get up and get a drink of water - walk there. :)  It gets you more water, gets you away from your work area, and you are walking more.

That's a few things.  Give it a shot.

My big challenge for you - put on a pedometer, see where you are at and then try and reach a goal.

I plan to really pump myself up and plug in the iPod to charge it and I've got 10K steps as a goal for tomorrow...come hell or high water. 

I'll try and post updates tomorrow if I can.  Wish me luck.


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