Sunday, August 14, 2011

Emotional eating

Hi, my name is Amber. Sometimes I'm an emotional eater.

Admitting it is the first step right?

Seriously though, we've had a rough week in the Grasso household. I don't want to get into details, but needless to say, I'm stressed beyond belief. I normally handle stress pretty darn well, but this week, I think it's just too much at one time. The straw that broke the camel's back I guess.

And to top off all the stress, I didn't even get to run to release it because things were so crazy at work with the market volatility and the weather was a little weird. Looks like the weather will hinder me for a few more days too...hopefully I'll get in a run or two later in the week.

Anyway...back on topic.

Emotional eating. I think emotional eating is what drives a lot of people to make unhealthy choices. So, now that I'm trying to be fitter, I'm trying to at least eat healthier when I'm emotional eating. I mean, let's face it...if I say I'll stop...that won't happen...I better be more realistic...small steps...small steps.

So after the wonderfully crap-tastic day I've had today...started at 3:30 am when the baby woke up...and stayed up until 5:30, only to wake for the day at 7 and then take little to no naps today and just be fussy, cranky, and naughty today - the rain keeping us cooped up didn't help...I think I just had it. So at 8 pm after sitting in her room for almost 45 minutes to get her to FINALLY fall asleep (and so help me God if she wakes up at 330 this morning again...), all I could think of was the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the had my name on it.

The old (unfit) Amber would have gone downstairs and made a HUGE bowl of ice cream - like 4-5 or maybe even six scoops.

I decided to try and make it healthier though. I originally intended on one scoop...but then went for two...shame shame shame. Small steps...Anyway. I then added on top four cut up strawberries, walnuts, and some dark chocolate (couldn't resist). So instead of just fattening (wonderful) ice cream, I got a serving (or more) of fruit, some good protein and fats from the nuts, and well, some flavonals and antioxidants from my dark chocolate. Plus, as any good chocolate aficionado knows, you have to eat dark chocolate slowly and save it.

So this helped me eat slowly, and more healthy. I still got to appease that emotional twinge, but I added in some good vitamins and nutrients into it. That's better than nothing right? Don't be hating...don't be all judgy, mcjudgy and go all "You shouldn't have eaten at all...". I think that would lead to binging. Not me. See my previous post on Indulgences.

So that's my little (win?)/tip for the day - if you are going to emotional eat, try and realize it and minimize your portion and add in some nutrients so you aren't eating a boat load of junk.

Until next time,

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