Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tip #1 - Drink more water

Water, yes water. 

I've heard this a billion times.  Drink more water.  You probably have too.

Well, I'm hear to tell you about how much it REALLY does help. 

You may hear 64 ounces thrown around and myths that coffee and tea don't help.  I've been told and read otherwise from my doctor and other sources.  What you really want to focus on...are you ready for the color of your pee.  Yes.  Your pee.  Yes, you need to look in the toilet.  Don't worry...I'm not posting a picture for reference...if you're it I guess.

Your urine is a great indicator of your hydration level.  It's supposed to be almost colorless.  The darker it is...the less hydrated you are.

So next time you go, take a look.

If it's colorful, you need to drink more.  If it's not, then you're doing good.

When you feel thirsty, your already behind.  So go drink until you're no longer thirsty, and then a little more.

You're best off drinking throughout the day though.

For me, drinking water is easy.  I found a water bottle I like and I keep it near me and drink frequently.  I like water.  It may be tasteless, but it's satisfying to me.  For the hubs though...he can't drink plain water.  So I make him Crystal Lite at home and at work he makes his own lemonade out of water, lemon juice, and Splenda.  The hubs isn't healthy either...but this is a good step for him.

If you have trouble keeping hydrated, try different water bottles - that really helped me.  Or set reminders on your phone or calendar.  I actually think there's an app for it now too for those of your with smart phones.

When I'm drinking enough water, I can tell.  I find that I fall asleep better and stay asleep better.  Then I get more sleep, feel more rested, have less stress, and am happier.  Wow! 

I also have more energy, think clearer, and am more optimistic.  Yay.

And drinking water helps you feel full.  So you don't crash and eat worthless calories in the mid morning or afternoon.  No extra calories needed.  That's another good trick...if you think you're hungry, drink some water.  You might not really be hungry and the water will fill you up.  Or at least keep you from eating as much.  I've read online that they suggest drinking a full 8 ounces of water 10-15 minutes before a meal to help you eat less.  All great tips.

Now, I'm not saying go drink gallons of won't do you any good.  You'll spend way too much time looking at your pee.  Drink enough to keep more urine near colorless.  I think 64 ounces easily satisfies that for most people.  I actually drink closer to 48 or 50 ounces most days because I eat a lot of food that contains a lot of water and I like iced coffee.

So, challenge #1 for anyone following my advice...go drink some water.  And repeat.  Until your pee is almost colorless or colorless.

Until next time!

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