Saturday, July 14, 2012 for Encouragement, Excitement, and Energy

For the next in my A-Z blogging challenge, I needed to tackle the letter E.  This one took a few days to figure out what I wanted to talk about here and I finally thought about earlier today.

Encouragement. I'm very proactive about encouraging others when I can.  I've received a lot of encouragement from others throughout my fitness trials and tribulations and it's really helped me, so I like to pay it forward.

It's funny, now that I know how mentally challenging running can be sometimes and how sometimes all I want to hear when I'm running and struggling is someone yell, "You can do it," - when I see someone running down the road, I get an urge to roll down my window when I'm driving and yell encouragement to them.  I haven't done it yet...but I'm might tempted.  I think I'm afraid of offending someone verses encouraging them...but I don't know.  Anyone have any thoughts on that?  You welcome the encouragement or would that bother you to have a random stranger tell you great job, keep it up?  Sound off in comments.

Other than that I'm also doing what I can to encourage those around me in whatever their fitness endeavors are.  It can't hurt anything and might help someone right?  That's my thinking anyway.

Excitement. This is a strange one to write about, but definitely important.  I think in anyone's quest to be fitter, they need to find and do things that excite them, or you'll never be able to commit to it and won't make the progress you want.  Running excites me.  Writing excites me.  Running doesn't excite the hubs.  But nowadays there are so many awesome activities you can do that you should be able to find something that excites you - dancing, yoga, cross fit, mudders, biking, etc.  So many options.  Find something that excites you so you look forward to it, and go do it.

Energy.  This has been a real struggle for me.  Initially when I started running I was expecting to see an increase in my energy level, help me throughout the day.  While I get an initial lift after my run, I find that I'm actually more tired towards the end of the day.  Really wanting to go to bed early.  Missing sleeping in on weekends.  It's definitely a challenge to wake up and run some weekends.  I think a good part of it is because the little wakes up during the night still so I don't get a full nights sleep - let alone four hours in a row any nights.  I wake up early and likely end up going to bed later than I should most nights.  If I'm even in my bed eight hours a night that's impressive, but it's usually more like six or seven.  Then there's the time falling asleep.

I definitely have more energy than a year ago now that I'm eating better and exercising.  I'd love to have more though.  I think I have more energy than most people I know, but it still isn't enough for me.  Maybe I have unrealistic expectations?

Anyone have any tips on getting more energy?  I'd love to hear them.

So that's the letter E.  Until next time.


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