Sunday, July 8, 2012

Goals for July

I'm doing good with my running so far this month.  It's July 8 and I've already run more than eight miles.  Ran on Wednesday (7/4 - Happy 4th of July), Friday (7/6), and Saturday (7/7).  I'm hoping to really keep up and run at least three times a week now that my workload is back to normal and I've got a running club to keep me honest. 

My goal - Run 31 miles in July - average of one mile a day.  I'm hoping to break my distance barrier and finally get more than 3.5 - really targeting 4.  We'll see though with this heat.  It intimidates me. 

I'm also hoping to get over my fear and just do it - Sign up for an official 5K.

Another challenge I'm pondering for myself:

A food challenge.  Each time I go to the farmers market, buy a food I've either never had or not had in ages and bring it home and try it.  I'm thinking kohlrabi, beets, stuff like that.  Some of my favorite foods now a days are things that I didn't start eating until the past couple of years (Swiss Chard and Kale), so I'm sure there is lots of other awesome stuff out there for me to try.

What do you think?  Would you like to hear about my food adventures if I do it?


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