Saturday, July 14, 2012

July Goals Update

I did it, I did it.  I ran 4 miles this week.  Whooo!

4.01 miles on my Thursday run.  And I'm feeling it, but in a good way.  I was going to take a run today, but my body gave me all sorts of signs it needed another day off, so I listened because I really don't want any injuries right now.  Went for a walk and it was gorgeous out temperature wise, nice breeze - great running weather.  Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

My running this week:

Tuesday -
3.01 Miles - 9'35" pace.  I felt great, but ran out of time so I had to stop.

Thursday -
4.01 Miles - 9'21" pace.  That's right - Distance and Pace PRs.  WOOOOOOO.

Gold star:
If you're paying attention, that's also seven miles meaning I'm still on pace for my one mile per day goal as well.  Whoo hoo!

Still hasn't signed up for an official 5K yet though.  Really want to do Will's Way next weekend, but I need to talk to the Mr. about it first.

That's my quick update for the week.  Hopefully tonight I'll get to do my E for my A-Z challenge.

~ A

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