Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Fitness Assessment

So today I took advantage of a service at my gym to have a fitness assessment done.  I went into it thinking, I think I'm pretty fit so this should go well.

Depending on how you look at it I guess it did go well.  I scored average in everything and above average in one thing (Ironically the one area I would have expected to door poorly in).  I think I was guessing I would score above average in more stuff, but I guess it is better than scoring below average right?  Glass half full Amber, glass half full.

Here's my results:

BMI: 21.9
[Healthy range: 19-25]

Body Fat %: 22.3
You are in the 'average' range for your age group [22.1-25.3]

Cardiovascular Fitness (VO2Max Test): 1.29 Miles completed
You are in the 'average' range for your age group [1.12-1.36]

Flexibility: 20 inches
You are in the 'above average' range for your age group [>20 inches]

Muscular Endurance: 17 push ups
You are in the 'average' range for your age group [ 17-33]

So looking at these results, at least I have a baseline.  Perhaps in three months I can take it again.  I was thinking I'd like to lower my body fat a bit more, but being that it's pretty low in the average range, maybe I'm okay.  I definitely want to get my cardiovascular fitness into the above average range - looking at how close I was, if I had just pushed myself for the last 30 seconds of my run, I would have done it.  I just thought I needed to run for the whole time, not necessarily how far I was running.  But now I know.  Push up wise, I think I can work on that one as well.  To be honest - the fact that I got 17 is pretty impressive to me.  I don't typically do push ups and I just started this week and only did 12.

I guess overall its indicating I'm on the right track and I can continue to improve right?


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